It's a big story, all over the world

It is Julio Cortazar's 100th anniversary this year. From Paris to Buenos Aires, major events are planned in his honour. New books are released it seems every day. And thousands of fans are eager to learn more about our film project -- unveiling for the first time ever the true and tragic circumstances of Cortazar's last love and his last book.

As a result we have been featured in major dailies, blogs, and magazines all over latin america and Europe, with a dash of Canadian excitement for our film which also features the work of a forgotten Montreal artist.

Press Clippings


O Globo: Brazil's largest newspaper: Canadian director making a movie about Cortazar's last love

Clarin (Argentina's largest daily newspaper): “Carol Dunlop era una niña grande, como Cortázar”

Los Tiempos (national newspaper in Latin America): “Julio & Carol” en un documental

Arte Zeta (Buenos Aires' pop culture blog): "Julio & Carol: Una historia de amor"

Pagina 12: Argentine's cultural magazine of record:

Diaro Publicable (Argentina): All about Carol



Cult Montreal: "New Doc Explores Forgotten Genius"

Toronto Film Review: "A forgotten Canadian 'genius' subject of new documentary film"

Midland Mirror (the director's home town): "Documentary a global pursuit for local filmmaker"